MTG Streets of New Capenna Draft Booster Box

MTG Streets of New Capenna Draft Booster Box

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Street Date: 4/29/22 

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36 Packs per Box, 15 Cards per pack. 

The set takes place on a yet undisclosed place in the Art Deco Noir metropolis of New Capenna, a city that has both grit and glamour. It is a place built by angels but now ruled by five demon crime families battling for supremacy. It is a city important to the planeswalker Elspeth Tirel. Ob Nixilis is seemingly involved with one of the crime families. 


Draft Boosters: Of the fifteen playing cards, one is currently a basic land, ten are common, three are uncommon, and one is rare or mythic rare. This distribution was introduced with Shards of Alara and facilitates Limited play (Draft and Sealed).









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