MTG Ice Age Booster Pack

MTG Ice Age Booster Pack

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Configuration 15 cards per pack.

Ice Age is the first set in the Ice Age block. It is the 6th Magic expansion and was released in early June, 1995.

Ice Age contained 383 black-bordered cards (121 rare, 121 uncommon, 121 common, and 20 basic lands). It is notable for being the first standalone Magic expansion set; it could be played independently of other Magic products. Because of this, it was the first expansion to reprint all five basic lands, staple cards like Swords to Plowshares and Giant Growth and popular older cards. All in all the set included about 8% reprints of old cards and another 8% of the cards were functional reprints. Ice Age is the first expansion to use the new white mana symbol ({W}) that was first introduced in Fourth Edition and is still used today.[3][4] It was also the first expansion to use the new tap symbol that was introduced in Fourth Edition.[5] Ice Age is the first expansion to have a cycle of "color hosing cards". The expansion symbol of the set is a snowflake, to symbolize the arctic nature of Dominaria at the time.[6]

The Ice Age non-basic lands have a unique ice-colored text box.

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