MTG Magic Origins Booster Box

MTG Magic Origins Booster Box

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Five Planeswalkers. Ten worlds. And the beginning of a new era of Magic storytelling.

  • Gideon: From a troubled street kid to a powerful protector of the innocent. (Read his origin story)
  • Jace: From a talented pariah to a brilliant and mysterious telepath. (Read his origin story)
  • Liliana: From an aspiring healer to a devious necromancer who commands legions of zombies. (Read her origin story)
  • Chandra: From a rebellious troublemaker to an accomplished pyromancer who challenges authority. (Read her origin story)
  • Nissa: From a misunderstood outcast to a warrior dedicated to protecting life on all worlds. (Read her origin story)

In Magic Origins, we're focusing on these five characters: the seminal moments that transformed them into Planeswalkers, and the pivotal experiences that shaped them into who they are today.

This is a different approach to core sets than you've seen in the past. Ten planes are featured in the new cards of the set: the characters' home planes and where they go on their first planeswalk. The storyline explores the Planeswalkers' history and motivations. Each of these characters experienced an emotional awakening powerful enough to ignite their spark and change their lives forever. From a story perspective, these emotional awakenings are the heart of Magic Origins.

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