2019 Panini Prizm Baseball Blaster Box

2019 Panini Prizm Baseball Blaster Box

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Configuration: 5 pack per box. 4 cards per pack.

Each sealed box contains 5 packs of 4 cards each plus one 4-card Purple Prizm pack. Parallel sets: Red, Blue, Silver, Carolina Blue, Cosmic Haze, Green, Pink, Purple, Red/White/Blue, White Sparkles, Blue Mojo (#'d to 399), Red Mojo (#'d to 299), Lime Green Donut Circles (#'d to 199), Neon Orange Donut Circles (#'d to 150), Zebra Stripes (#'d to 99), Power Plaid (#'d to 75), Blue Wave (#'d to 60), Snake Skin (#'d to 50), Navy Blue Kaleidoscope (#'d to 35), Burgundy Shimmer (#'d to 25), Gold (#'d to 10), Forest Green Flash (#'d to 5), and 1-of-1 Black Finite.

Inserts: Brilliance, Color Blast, Fireworks, Illumination, Instant Impact, Lumber Inc., Machines, Numbers Game, Profiles, Scorching, Star Gazing (parallel for all 11 previous inserts: Prizm, Gold > #'d to 10 & 1-of-1 Black Finite), Rookie Autographs (parallels: Prizm, Blue, Red, Zebra Stripes > #'d to 99 or less, Power Plaid > #'d to 75 or less, Blue Wave > #'d to 60 or less, Purple > #'d to 50, Red/White/Blue > #'d to 50 or less, Snake Skin > #'d to 50 or less, Navy Blue Kaleidoscope > #'d to 25, Burgundy Shimmer > #'d to 25, Gold > #'d to 10, Forest Green Flash > #'d to 5 & 1-of-1 Black Finite), Signatures (parallels > #'d to 10 & 1-of-1), Game Ball Graphs (parallels > #'d to 10 & 1-of-1), and Pro Penmanship (parallels > #'d to 10 & 1-of-1).

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