1998 Donruss Collections Baseball Hobby Box

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18 packs per box

This product features 4 popular base sets all in one box. The product includes 1998 donruss, leaf, donruss elite and donruss preferred base sets, along with a special rated rookie set.


1998 Donruss- 200 cards (2 per pack)
1998 Leaf- 200 cards (2 per pack)
1998 Donruss Elite- 150 cards (1 per pack)
1998 Donruss Preferred- 200 cards (1 every other pack)
Prized Colletions (Spectra Tech parrallel)- 1 in 3 packs

Key Rookies:
Mike Lowell, Troy Glaus, Jimmy Rollins, Orlando Hernandez!


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